Support University Solidarity

An appeal to trade unionists in higher education

An independent Russian university teachers’ union has been set up at a conference in Moscow on 29 April attended by delegates from 13 regions. The conference was preceded by lengthy discussion on policies and aims in activist networks.

University staff demonstrating in Moscow

University staff demonstrating in Moscow

Low pay, swingeing cuts and academic freedoms are high on the agenda of the new organisation. It has appeared amidst a wave of activism in universities, part of the general protest movement in Russia in the last two years.

As you are aware from the press, trade union activists and pro-democracy activists in Russia alike face an increasingly authoritarian government. International solidarity is of great importance to them. Activists in Russia are asking you to:

(i) Send messages of support and solidarity from higher education trade unionists to the new union at;

(ii) Circulate information about the new union to your colleagues.

There are translations here of an article about the new union from, the largest Russian web site for trade union and social movement activists, and of University Solidarity’s founding declaration.

If anyone is interested in building up a solidarity network in the UK or elsewhere, or needs more information in English, contact Gabriel Levy at

Download a leaflet about university solidarity here: unisolidarity1

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