No to the persecution of university teachers for their civil activity

22 Mar

Statement by the Central Council of the University Solidarity trade union

The so-called special operation by Russian armed forces on Ukrainian territory, which has resulted in human victims and destruction, is also seriously aggravating the situation with human rights in Russia itself. Mass media independent of the state are being closed down, social media networks are being blocked, and laws are being adopted that severely limit the freedom of speech. In reality this is the introduction of military-style censorship.

The workplace rights of teachers, and academic freedoms, are also under threat. University administrations are putting pressure on employees in tertiary education who oppose military action. Several colleagues have been forced out of their jobs. Such incidents have been recorded at the Saratov State Law School, the St Petersburg Trade Union University of the Humanities, the St Petersburg State University of Pediatric Medicine, the Urals State Pedagogical Institute, Adygea State University, the National Research University – Higher School of Economics, and several others. Students are also put under pressure: for participating in peaceful protests against military action, they are threatened with penalties and expulsion from higher education institutions.  

The University Solidarity trade union forcefully condemns any persecution of teachers and students for their civil activity. We call on all colleagues, who are faced with breaches of their labour rights, to send information to our trade union about this, and to join University Solidarity, so that we can join together and fight each and every abuse by education administrators.

At the same time an international campaign to isolate Russia is developing rapidly, including measures to cut off contact with the Russian academic community. Research, which is international in its nature, can not develop in isolation. Very far from all Russian researchers and teachers support the so-called special operation, and so a total academic boycott that affects them would be illogical and damaging. We call on the international research and teaching community to act in solidarity with colleagues both in Ukraine and in Russia.

There is no doubt that the isolation of Russia will result in massive economic decline, sharpening social problems and, as a result, falling living standards. The sharp rise in consumer prices is already resulting in a substantial deterioration in the circumstances of all Russian citizens, teachers included.

Today, when the barracks-style propaganda of military patriotism is being imposed on us, it is important to underline: genuine patriotism consists not in obliging the state authorities and endorsing everything they do, but in striving to assert in one’s country the principles of justice, humanism and peace. We hope that this understanding of love for one’s country is shared by the majority of our colleagues.

In struggle we will achieve our rights!

21 March 2022

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