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International campaign of solidarity with Professor Maxim Balashov

24 Jul

Join the international campaign of solidarity with Dr. Maxim Balashov, Professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and a chairperson of the MIPT’s branch of the independent trade union University Solidarity (Universitetskaya Solidarnost, UNISOL)!

Maxim Balashov, a professor of mathematics, has been working at the MIPT for nineteen years. With his active participation UNISOL has successfully fought for increased salaries and reduced workloads, as well as fighting to ensure that the university complies with the Russian state labour code.

Now the bosses of the MIPT decided to get rid of Professor Balashov by refusing to renew his contract, and openly cited his union activity as the reason for this. In particular, they blamed him for criticizing policies of the MIPT administration in mass media.

The UNISOL union and the Russia’s Confederation of Labour (independent trade union center to which the UNISOL belongs) launched the international campaign aimed at reinstatement of Professor Balashov and defense of trade union rights and academic freedoms in Russia.

If you support these aims, please  sign the petition on LabourStart: Russia: Union-busting at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Also, very important would be to send individual and collective protest letters to rector of MIPT, N. Kudryavstev at,  with copy to the union at

You can get more information on the Prof. Balashov case from the following sources:

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