Sign the petition: “Save University Professors!”

15 Jun

950 faculty of the State University of Management (SUM) have received notice of the impending massive redundancy 30 June 2014. And those faculty whose labor contract is ending this year will be fired without any redundancy compensation.

At the peak of the mass protest against cuts and deteriorating working conditions, a organization of Inter-Regional Trade Union of the Higher-Education Teaching Personnel «University Solidarity» was established in the SUM. Its actions have caused a wide resonance and attracted media attention to the monstrous restructuring, which the SUM administration tried to hide.

Now the administration is made act in accordance with law, but in order to economize on professors, the SUM bosses transfer the faculty to part-time, hourly wage and civil (non-labor) contracts, increasing the work load significantly.

This will inevitably lead to a decrease in the quality of education!

The situation in the SUM is a shocking, but typical case of our common woes of high school. The Reform of universities is actually performed by dramatic redundancies and by excessive growth of work load. If this policy is not stopped, it may result in the collapse of education and science in Russia!

Today, in the SUM – tomorrow, in your school!

Sign the petition against the cuts in the SUM and submit it via the form below to the SUM Acting Rector Vladimir Godin, Education and Science Minister Dmitry Livanov and the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

Research and teaching staff are advised to indicate your academic degree and title in the “organization” line.

You can get more information on the situation in the State University of Management at the website of the «University Solidarity» Trade Union.

Model letter: please cut and paste this text, or go to the Confederation of Labour of Russia site and fill out the on-line form.

To: Acting rector of the State University of Management
Vladimir Godin

To: Minister of Education and Science
Dmitry Livanov

To: Mayor of Moscow
Sergey Sobyanin

We, the people of various professions and of different political views, are united in our  opposition to the actions of the State University of Management administration, leading to a decrease in the quality of education.  This is  and more like a managerial attempt of layoff, rather than the proverbial "optimization". We express our solidarity with the professors  and lecturers of the university.

We require:
1. Stop unjustified redundancies in the State University of Management  and forcing the professors  into worse conditions of employment.

2. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the SUM administration’s  actions for compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

3. Abandon disastrous "reforming" the higher education at the expense of the professors, by increasing their work load and by mass layoffs.

4. Start negotiations with the trade union organizations of the university, the Moscow authorities, the Ministry of Education, and the  SUM administration in order to find an alternative to the professors’ jobs cuts.


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